Welcome to the Be Good or Be Good At It! Home Page!

From here you can access some of the funny things I’ve seen around the net and even some poetry…yuck!…

So come on in and stay a while.  For those those clinically insane, make this your home page and check yourself into a mental institution.  I mean, I like my stuff and all, but to be someone’s home page? Not really. How egotistical to think of such a thing.  Why would you, the reader, let me think of something as monumentally stupid like that. Bad, Reader, Bad!

First! The posts…ah the bread and butter of the site and the reason you came here.  The hilarious articles are posted every Monday and Thursday. Just scan your eyes to the left…that’s this way…

left arrow
Look in this direction and click to see the hilarious posts!

Alrighty, now the other funny stuff…

My Official “About Me” Page
Click HERE to find out if I have 6 toes on my right foot…SPOILER…I don’t.

The Official BGOBGAT! Director’s Cut
For the inside scoop of all the stories, click HERE!

Official BGOBGAT! Funny Video Collection
Click HERE to see some of my favorite funny videos!

Poetry…why…oh well, for a friend…Here is Poetry
Click HERE for actual poetry from an old friend of mine.

This is some sort of weird code thing…I can’t figure it out.
To help solve the mystery, click HERE! Hidden things?


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