Trash TV Whisperer

  In today’s modern society, where men and women can place fraudulent advertisements for themselves online using glamor shots and Photoshop all from the comfort of their sugar and alcohol filled dwellings, it should not come to anyone’s surprise that television has evolved.  There are, with very few exceptions, no TV shows that are ‘appointmentContinue reading “Trash TV Whisperer”

Let’s ride the DC Choo Choo!

Hey, let’s take a trip on the trainamathingy!  Washington D.C. and its surrounding territory. Having lived in this area for most of my life, I’m used to the monuments, freaky weather and sometime freakier inhabitants (wait a minute…does that include me? Probably). Like many of us, I travel to and from work on the Metro…akaContinue reading “Let’s ride the DC Choo Choo!”