The Onslaught is Upon Us!

Here we are on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Sadly, my waistline did significantly more expanding than my horizons but, equally as sad, I am not disappointed by this. Having returned home from the holiday we have entered into the yearly event that has the potential to cause more harm and consternation than being aroundContinue reading “The Onslaught is Upon Us!”

BGOBGAI Special: 5 Keys to Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us here in the good ‘ol Estados Unidos, and soon we will all be with the ones we love and spending quality time while personifying a Norman Rockwell painting. Below are my top 5 keys to surviving Thanksgiving: Watch the drinking Look, it’s the Holidays, drinking is often used to lighten theContinue reading “BGOBGAI Special: 5 Keys to Surviving Thanksgiving”