A Terrible Injury…and No Love

My arm fell off today. The pain was simply excruciating.  There is simply no amount of words in the English language to fully explain the level of physical discomfort that comes when one is faced with the fact that a limb that has previously been in complete simpatico with the rest of one’s body isContinue reading “A Terrible Injury…and No Love”

Gamer Down!

BGOBGAI! Quickie: BREAKING NEWS>>>>> Major injury news this weekend, fellow Birubegjans, Your beloved El Presidente suffered through a traumatic injury.  No, it wasn’t another assassination attempt.  The last one nearly succeeded by the way, you clever assassin, substituting a Hershey bar with a whole lot of Ex-Lax. Oh, in other news, this year’s El PresidenteContinue reading “Gamer Down!”