Da Da Da Da Ripoff!

(WARNING: The following is an article about video games. Those brought to tears by geeky and nerdy topics may be offended. Reader discretion is advised) You know things are getting pretty bad in the video game industry when I have a harsh word, nay a slurry of harsh words to say about a proud andContinue reading “Da Da Da Da Ripoff!”

Evolve Pre-order? No Thanks!

WARNING: FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS VIDEO GAME TALK DESIGNED FOR NERDS AND GEEKS (LIKE THE AUTHOR). READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.   As many of you know, I’m a sucker for video games. I have been for oh, say, 30 years plus years. I’m especially susceptible to pre-order teases and have dropped many a hard-earned dollar onContinue reading “Evolve Pre-order? No Thanks!”