Snowed In! Video Game Time

  <<<THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS ABOUT VIDEO GAMES, AND SHOULD NOT BE READ BY ANYONE NOT BEING A COMPLETE GEEK LIKE ME. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED>>> Well, we made it through the worst snow storm since the previous worst snow storm that dwarfed the snow storm before that. My daughter was off of school, IContinue reading “Snowed In! Video Game Time”

Bad Destiny Dad

  (WARNING: THIS IS AN ENTRY ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. THOSE WITH A NERD OR GEEK ALLERGY ARE REQUESTED TO SEEK REFUGE ELSEWHERE) I admit it: I am a bad Guardian. There, I said it. Those of us who play Destiny know that the characters we play are called Guardians. I, as previously mention, am aContinue reading “Bad Destiny Dad”