Freeze! Drop that book!

The world is not safe.  Terrorists are killing people, the planet seems to be warming up, and California has seen fit to NOT fall into the sea as expected.  Surpassing these dangers, however, an issue has been brought to my attention that deeply troubles me…Library Book Theft! Truth be told, I had forgotten libraries evenContinue reading “Freeze! Drop that book!”

Lawbreaker Re-elected to be Lawmaker…Ah, Virginia

Despite the subject matter of this article, this is NOT a political opinion piece. I am not a political pundit and care very little for the topic…BUT this crap is funny! You know Democrats and Republics are viewed with severe distrust when an Independent wins an election. You are, therefore, forced to accept the knowledgeContinue reading “Lawbreaker Re-elected to be Lawmaker…Ah, Virginia”