Part 4: I go, you go, we all go for Uongo Beach

Having let his mind be led astray by the somewhat confusing El Presidente, Donald Hiram looked up to see a bright, almost bleached white sign with black letters forming the words “Beach down below…near the water.” He just shrugged and mumbled “Simple enough,” before getting out of the vehicle once Reese turned off the engine.Continue reading “Part 4: I go, you go, we all go for Uongo Beach”

Part 2: An Unusual Proposition

After the rather rough initial meeting between El Presidente and Public Relations Specialist Donald Hiram, which included an armed confrontation and the cutting of a very expensive necktie, the two walked into the Presidential Palace in a somewhat relaxed mood. To call this building a palace is somewhat generous, as it was a building inContinue reading “Part 2: An Unusual Proposition”