Part 8: A Game of King of the Hill

“Donald, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said El Presidente Reese, clearly dejected at having to converse about anything other than fun and actions taken to ensure fun continues. “Honestly, I’ve never heard of this Shadow character and think that maybe you’ve been experimenting with some of the fine mushrooms cultivated on ourContinue reading “Part 8: A Game of King of the Hill”

Part 7: An Unwelcome Visitor

It was night by the time Donald Hiram returned to his beachside hotel. To call This place a “hotel” was a bit of a stretch as it consisted of only a small shack adorned by decorations pilfered from various Sheraton and Marriott hotels throughout the Caribbean. Hiram got out of the rental jeep and madeContinue reading “Part 7: An Unwelcome Visitor”