Snowed In! Video Game Time



Well, we made it through the worst snow storm since the previous worst snow storm that dwarfed the snow storm before that. My daughter was off of school, I was off of work, and Mommy and everybody went off their rockers. On the bright side, it gave me an opportunity to play video games. I am now thoroughly convinced that a previous favorite, Destiny, is dead, and a previously thought dead game, Elder Scrolls Online, has overtaken it in fun factor and longevity. Here are a few reasons why…

Don’t Lie to Us, Please

              Let’s face it, the folks at Bungie have created a dumpster fire in terms of being honest with its players. They lie about making changes to game balancing, they lie about matchmaking changes, and they lie about micro-transactions being only cosmetic. ZeniMax, the makers of Elder Scrolls Online, so far has delivered on what they promised and haven’t made a concerted effort to mislead players of their product. Believe me, a little honesty goes a long way.

New Content

Destiny’s “new” content…tower painted red. Genius!

Destiny’s idea of new content is to take a map they’ve used previously, turn it around and have the players go the opposite direction from the way they went the last time it was used. Bungie has decided to not release Destiny 2 this year and they’ve also decided not to release actual DLC this year. Instead, the lucky players of Destiny get lame, timed events like Sparrow Racing and vomit-inducing cute little events like Crimson Days where Crucible players can go two vs two against another team of “lovers.” Puke!

Elder Scrolls Online, however, releases quarterly DLC that actually adds new content to all facets of the game, not just PVP players. And they add real content, too. It’s not just a “reimagining” of previously used maps and content. Heck, they even add guilds and actual new storylines that take more than an hour to complete.

PVP and PVE Equality

              Damn, Destiny hates PVE (Player vs Environment) players. There hasn’t been any new content since Taken King four months ago, and the “new” events contain mostly PVP (Player vs Player) content and to hell with you if you bought a “shared world shooter” to play WITH other people and not against them. PS…PVE’s we hate you (basically how Bungie feels).

Elder Scrolls Online has tons of things to do and you actually work together against the environment and monsters. A bad mark, however, is that they haven’t released any new trials (basically raids) for several months, but one is due in March. C’mon ZeniMax…be a little quicker with the trials releases and you can officially bury Destiny.


              In MMO’s, and shut up Bungie for saying Destiny is not an MMO because it is, one needs to be able to find a group to run with at any given time. Elder Scrolls Online contains a LFG (looking for group) tool that actually exists in the game and is pretty good at matching people up for group dungeons and activities. It’s also scheduled to be revised and updated in March. Way to keep on top of things to let players actually play your game.

Bungie, well, they refuse to include matchmaking for key events and rely on the player community to create internet based tools to get the job done. Bungie doesn’t care and has said on numerous occasions they have no intention of providing that service in the game. Way to go, Bungie! You must continue to make no effort to let players play your game. They should be punished for trusting you.


              Story, my god the story. Simple fact, both games have a story, and both have a darn good story. The problem is Destiny requires you to read about the story on the internet and contains only snippets of story actually within the game. To date, only two people have done so and they were recently incarcerated in a mental institution.

Elder Scrolls Online contains a robust story actually within the game and you can branch off to various other side quests, each of which contain more stories and makes you feel all the grinding you’re doing is actually worth something. No internet research required.

Gameplay and Combat

              It’s not all ESO…in this way Destiny gets the nod. I have never played a smoother and more fun actual combat sequences than in Destiny. Everything about it is far and away better than ESO. ESO is just a series of running around in circles and button mashing. Kind of disappointing, but that’s pretty much par for the course for Elder Scrolls Games.

If Elder Scrolls Online could take come pointers from Bungie about how to do combat, then they would be well on their way to a perfect game. Granted, it’s a different genre. Destiny has guns and ESO has swords, I get it. Still, creating a comparable system of combat ease would really improve the Elder Scrolls experience.


              Look, you know where this is heading. Elder Scrolls Online is a better game than Destiny. Its respect for its players and non-egomaniacal attitude makes players want to play the game. They don’t lie to its players and regularly release content that keeps people playing.

Bungie, who just fired its CEO, can make things better. Right now Destiny is a dumpster fire. But if they simply release new and better content, bring back some semblance of love for PVE players, and keep a balanced PVP game without constant tinkering, the game could stop being a running joke. Sadly, I don’t see this punchline getting old any time soon.

Comments? Suggestions? Drop me a line with what you think.


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