Evolve Pre-order? No Thanks!

True, the cover art is cool! (Source: 2K Games)



As many of you know, I’m a sucker for video games. I have been for oh, say, 30 years plus years. I’m especially susceptible to pre-order teases and have dropped many a hard-earned dollar on buying games before they are released.

But not this time…

Evolve is a game set to be released on February 10th. To most of us who has a passion for video games, we’ve known about this little gem for a while. It’s a game in which you and four other people play a four-on-one hunting expedition against a monster (played by one of the four players). The monster evolves (see? The name? Brilliance!) into two further stages, ultimately able to destroy a relay apparatus and claim victory. Of course the other way to claim victory is to kill all the hunters, but that’s rather obvious.

I’ve played the Alpha and I’ve played the open Beta. While it’s a blast to play once or twice, it just doesn’t “feel” like a $60 game. It tastes A LOT like Titanfall, which isn’t a bad thing, but I don’t view that game as a full $60 either.

And then there is the controversy. Yes, the good people of 2K Games have decided to offer a pre-order exclusive additional monster. If you buy the game before it is released you get an extra monster to hunt. While a nice idea, the problem is that they decided that if you don’t pre-order, that additional monster will be $15 on top of the purchase price of the game. Outrageous.

I’m a fan of some pre-order deals, honestly. For established franchises (think Far Cry, COD (let’s just forget about Ghosts), Dragon Age, etc), it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Go ahead, you know overall the quality you’ll get. But to brand new franchises like Evolve? Hmm, pass.

Look, I know the game has gone Gold. I’m not telling you to go out there and boycott the game or take some holier-than-thou stand. I, however, am going to take a pass on this one.


What are your thoughts?


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