Daddy, what is TV?

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Oh believe it…that question is coming, and coming fast. No, I’m not one that “protects” my daughter from the perceived dangers of television viewing. I’ve just found that despite having a satellite dish service (that won’t get mentioned unless I get it free) that has, at last count, 8,409 channels, nothing good is ever on.

Sure, you’ve got tons of cheaply made reality shows, some of which on channels that make no sense (The History Channel, Food Network, etc), but once we get to the point where Tom from down the street had his own show because he once dated a hermaphrodite circus performer with fits of vertigo, I decided to leave that particular genre.

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No, nowadays I watch so few actual shows on television that the only buttons on the remote that are getting wear and tear are the volume buttons and mute buttons (and no, for the record, they do not work on one’s spouse). Where I spend my viewing time is increasingly on YouTube (I am not a paid spokesman…darnit). I can watch old TV shows that I miss and hardly remember, I can watch video game fun stuff and my new favorite types of “shows” called List Shows (See my Top Ten List of list shows going over lists of things that have already been listed by those who compile lists…just kidding).

One of the most important benefits to my new video experience is that it’s got exactly the right amount of time a non-episodic show is broadcast…anywhere from three to ten minutes. Yep, that is the perfect measure of my attention span before I become interested in something else…oh look, a squirrel. Plus, where else can I watch a listing of the top ten scariest clips in movies and the top ten Easter eggs in video games, all within fifteen minutes?

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I’m sure there are other services out there that can take the place of YouTube, but I have to admit, it’s the best television since television stopped being television.

What are your thoughts?

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