Pizza Little Late to ISS

BGOBGAI Quickie!

Photograph by NASA TV via AP

Have you ever had one of those days when you just can’t do anything right?  Oh sure, it’s probably a matter of having forgotten to complete a report, or was late picking up your child at practice or something, but it’s not something catastrophic.

Enter NASA.

Right in my backyard (figuratively) in Virginia, NASA tried to launch a resupply space rocket to the International Space Station.  Well, they went with a private company (it’s name could be ACME, but I could be wrong on that one), and pressed the red button marked “Launch’N’Pray.”

The unmanned rocket took off and promptly exploded faster than the Macarena craze of times long ago.  Now I’m sure there were some good smarty type experiments on board that would have brought our species into a new golden era, but what about food?  It’s not like the astronauts can just run out to Mickey D’s for a Big Mac Attack.

And just how do they get the latest offering of the Jelly of the Month Club?


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