Shake a Leg, Eagles Fans!

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

Ah, Philadelphia Eagles fans.  The world has not seen a classier group of people since that group of people that pelted Santa Claus with batteries years ago…oh wait, they were Eagles fan’s, too!

This time it happened outside of Lincoln Financial Field’s stadium, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles’ and those wonderful fans. According to the story (click the link at the bottom to go to the story), Sonny Forriest, Jr., a Vietnam Vet who often entertains fans outside of the stadium, had his prosthetic leg stolen.  Let me clarify…someone STOLE his prosthetic leg.

It was stolen by a twenty-something year old woman who, allegedly (do we really have to say that in this case?), was intoxicated.  What precisely does one do with leg on the lamb?  Is there a black market I don’t know about?

Psst…got yer leg right here! (Photo courtesy of

Click here to view the story from CNN…

So in light of this, I want to know who you think are the worst fans?

Do you agree or disagree?  Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section below!


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