Little Joys of Life: Dancing Monsters

BGOBGAI! Quickie:

For those Birubegjans that have been here for a while, you probably know that I have a tedency to point out negative things more than positive.  It’s not on purpose, mind you, its just something I’ve learned to deal with.  That being said, however, here’s something that actually made me happy…if not a little embarrassed as a guy:

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Yes, it’s a solar power dancing Frankenstein monster.  My mummy gave it to me (bad pun, but accurate).  There it sat, right on top of my dashboard in my car.  And, as I sat there complaining about the idiotic drivers in front of me (Yes, I was talking to myself, but with the invention of Bluetooth, everyone does it so no one can tell I’m wacky), it nodded in agreement with everything I said.

Now, before you call for my ouster as the El Presidente of Birubegja, I will tell you that I know it’s just an inanimate object.  But ladies, when you are speaking to your husbands, aren’t we all basically inanimate objects when we just say “Yes, dear?”

Your thoughts?

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