Women Dressed as Sex Objects Horrified to be Regarded as Sex Objects!

cosplay3I have never been to a comics convention, but my basic understanding of a comics convention is it’s a central repository for all things related to comics (or graphic novels depending on how legitimate the reader in question believes comic books are real books) and a central location for those fanatics to get together, drink heavily, and talk about comic books with each other. And there is no comic book convention that is more important to comic book fans than Comic-CON.

cosplay4And then there is costume play (or Cosplay for those initiated), where people dress up in weird costumes and pretend to be the character in one of their favorite comic books. And, rather surprisingly, this is not just a function attended by guys. Women, too, apparently have the same level of enthusiasm for the world of comic books, and also dress up in costumes in which they have seen their favorite characters appear. And you know what, folks? Some of those women are, to quote the great philosopher Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, “Dead Sexy.”

But wait, folks, there is a problem. Some of these women who dressed up in these rather revealing costumes have complained that they have been sexually harassed during the festival. According to an organization called Geeks for CONsent, a group organized by three women from Philadelphia, some women dressed in provocative costumes have complained that “they’d been groped, followed, and unwillingly photographed during the four-day festival.” (Source Associated Press).

Okay, groping is completely and utterly inappropriate. Let’s get that one dealt with right off the bat. No uninvited physical contact should be allowed under any circumstances. But I have to be honest with you, if I was at a convention and women who willingly dressed in costumes inspiring potentially impure thoughts passed by, I might be inspired to give a little follow around the convention floor and even take a picture because it does, indeed, last longer than a crcosplay2eepy stare.

And then there is charge that “Scantily clad women were still used as decoration for some presentations.” To that, I offer the following well thought out and very verbose rebuttal…DUH! You don’t even need especially attractive women for this task. It’s a COMIC BOOK CONVENTION. Just have some mildly attractive women stand there and it’ll be like shooting nerds in barrel. Look, it’s not only women. If I want to sell something to women, I’m sure not going to parade my overweight and pale carcass out and implore women to buy a product I’m selling. I’m getting seriously attractive guys to hawk my product and then inspire the women to drink some coffee with some guy named “Jean Luc.”

cosplay1cosplay5All I know is that it is somewhat unfair to become angry at guys who want to take photographs of a lady who is dressed like Wonderwoman. So next time any women don’t want to be looked at as attractive and potential sex partners, I suggest the classic Janet Reno costume. Unless you’re into that sort of thing I can’t imagine any scenario whereby I’d…

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